Sarchi & La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Day 4: May 30th, 2017

Today was the longest tour we had planned but probably also the best! It was the “Arenal Volcano with Tabacon Hot Springs” (also booked through Expediciónes Tropicales). This tour was $143 (before our discount) & included roundtrip transportation, a wonderful lunch of your choice at a restaurant in La Fortuna, all the fees from the Tabacon Hot Springs & an unlimited buffet for dinner. Can you say TOTALLY WORTH IT?!?! We can!

The van picked us up really early, and we hit the road to our first stop: Sarchi, Costa Rica. Sarchi is known as the birthplace of Costa Rica’s artisians! (buying souvenirs here is cheaper than anywhere else in Costa Rica!!) It’s also home to the biggest ox cart in the world, which we did get to see! There was time to shop for souvenirs and any other things you may want to buy while on vacation! Everything was handmade (for the most part) unless it was alcohol or coffee 😊

After stopping in Sarchi, we headed over to lunch at this beautiful restaurant called Rancho Perla. Earlier during our ride, the tour guide passed around a sheet where we could choose what we wanted to eat so they could have it ready upon arriving. The lunch was exquisite & it came with dessert too! The day just got better and better as we now headed to a viewpoint to see the Arenal Volcano! (This tour wasn’t to the top of it, just a really really great view!)

Shortly after, we arrived to the Tabacon Hot Springs! This experience was AMAZING to say the least. There were many thermal pools to choose from and many miniatured waterfalls to see. We jumped around and enjoyed time in each one and of course jumped into the cold pools when we needed to cool off. There was a slide that was surprisingly fast and dumped you right into one of the hot pools (don’t worry, there were no rocks in that one!) In that same pool actually, there was a swim up bar where you could order the yummiest cocktails (very refreshing when you’re sitting in a hot pool) 

The experience was wonderful and all these pools are super relaxing! After spending a few hours soaking in the thermal waters, we showered and got ready for dinner. We weren’t expecting this kind of dinner at all, it was a very pleasant surprise. We gave our tour guide the locker key and in exchange he granted us our tables at the resort’s restaurant. With a great view and unlimited buffet food…we were in heaven. They had EVERYTHING! Seafood, chicken, steak, pork, a ton of sides to pair that meat with. Not to mention dessert (which I personally couldn’t do) It was just exquisite! ​Honestly I enjoyed my food so much after snapping a picture of these two that these are the only ones I got! (Whoops!!)


So stuffed we could barely move, we got back onto the van to head back to San Jose. Truly a wonderful day! We went back to the hotel to shower and change and used the rest of our bottles (the ones we bought in the airport) to mix some drinks and enjoy our last night together in Costa Rica. 💗 We ended up ordering food from Soda Tapia again because it was sorta late and we knew they were open! The delivery was a bit of a hassle but totally worth it once we got our food! 

This day was long but also amazing. We enjoyed it thoroughly and all the attentiveness that Expediciones Tropicales provided for us. I can’t recommend them enough. We definitely got our money’s worth. I remember talking to my friends at the hotel about how we weren’t expecting the food to be as delicious as it was. When you hear “food included”, you tend to think its lower quality or just something really cheap BUT they exceeded all of our expectations time after time. The meals were ALL so fantastic that we couldn’t pick our favorite. Check out Expediciones Tropicales on and be sure to ask for Cecilia if you need any help booking or have any questions about any of the tours they provided! 😊


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